Installing and repairing your garage doors!


We at Estrategiatoledo2020 are entirely focused on providing our customers with a complete set of services, and we can tackle any problem that may occur at your garage door. Our teams of certified technicians can repair your garage doors quickly and efficiently, and for a very affordable price as well.



Garage openers are no longer a luxury, and these electrical systems are nowadays a necessity. Since no one wants to get out of the car every single time when they want to go into the garage, openers are a perfect solution. However, sometimes they suffer damage, and we are more than capable of repairing any brand of garage door openers.


Besides the actual doors, many companies sell various types of accessories along with them, and all of these items are designed to help you have easier access to your garage. We can efficiently repair any damage with your remote, or with your keypads and control panels.



Springs are the parts that do almost all the work when you open the doors, and that is why they are susceptible to damage. It is imperative that you do not try to fix them on your own since these parts can be very dangerous. Give us a call, and we will handle the situation. 


Every new homeowner is excited when new garage doors arrive, but it is always bets to get experts to install the doors quickly and efficiently. Our qualified personnel will attach all the mechanisms and make sure that the doors work silently and according to the manufacturer’s design.


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Simple Fixes For Garage Door Repairs in Dallas Texas

Are you having trouble with your Dallas area garage door? Garage door repair can be a challenge, especially if the damage includes the garage door opener or the tracks for the door. Unless the fix is something simple, it is usually best to hire a professional to repair your garage door. We are all busy and many of us do not keep up with our garage door maintenance. This can result in an emergency repair that can cost more.

It is a good idea to regularly conduct an inspection of your garage door. Check the tracks, the hinges, and the garage door opener. Check the door for cracks or warping and ensure the springs are operating properly. There are several good reasons for properly maintaining your garage door.

As with almost anything, prevention can help reduce repairs. It makes more sense to inspect your garage doors for any potential issues than to wait until your garage door won’t open. There are typically recognizable signs that your door needs maintenance. If the door is not closing properly or not closing all the way, these could be signs that your garage door will need repairs soon.

Before calling a professional for garage door repair Dallas, there are a few things you can check. First, look at the garage door tracks. Check the alignment to ensure they are in the right position. If they aren’t properly aligned, the garage door won’t open and close properly. Also, check the tracks for any dust or debris. This can also impact the garage door’s ability to operate properly. Also, check the tracks for damage. If you see damage, you should call a professional to make repairs or replace the tracks.

You can also try cleaning the tracks to remove any dirt or old lubricants. These can cause the garage door to stick. It is important to keep the tracks clean so the garage door will operate correctly. It is also a good idea to regularly lubricate the rollers and the tracks on your garage door. This can help keep your door operating properly and prevent expensive repairs.

While checking the garage door, also check for loose screws or bolts. It is possible for screws and bolts to loosen over time, so if you find any tighten them securely.

Garage door repairs may be simply a matter of aligning or cleaning the tracks. If these don’t fix the problem, call a professional garage door repair service for help.

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